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Not necessarily. Some people are just insecure about their bodies without other people telling them to be. I’m willing to bet a lot of people hate their bodies or think they’re fat even if no one ever said those words.

There’s no reason to actually say that you don’t find a certain weight as attractive as another to let someone else feel it.

I’ve only been bullied for a relatively short amount of time for my weight, but there are enough “passive” things to make me feel bad about it.

The way my best friend, who naturally always had a much lighter frame than me, was always chosen over me by guys I liked.

The way my mother looks at me sometimes or some things she says (in fact, my relationship to my mother is probably an unnecessarily complicated one - she’s wonderful, but I think she’s also making many of my problems worse than they need to be).

The way some people I liked turned me down, gently but for the obvious reason that they could not see me as a woman due to my weight.

Or the way clothes don’t fit my body when I go shopping for them.
The worst thing of all probably is clothes. Because when my thighs rub against each other until there are little holes in my pants and when something that looked nice on me once only makes me look like a badly-stuffed sausage all of a sudden, then I just want to cry.

People don’t need to tell me that they find me ugly. They wear it on their sleeves anyway.

  1. fendoffthedemons said: Except…you’re not ugly? That’s what confuses me, you’re beautiful and smart and talented. Especially talented. Chen, I’m jealous of you, if anything. I don’t see how anyone could even remotely consider you ugly. :/
  2. erraticisawut said: …my pants do that too. :c *hugs* I personally don’t consider myself fat, but it still seems that the world is trying to make me think that. :/ Like the ‘obese’ rating I have. Let me like myself! I agree with you, what is -wrong- with the world?
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I want to keep you safe
even if I'm not always here...
So I braided a mace into your hair!