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Peeps who are cute as a Button:

scientificperfection replied to your photo: Okay, so this will probably end up becoming kind…


Fuck, see, this is what I tried to avoid.

You don’t need to be sorry. Nobody does. It’s not your FAULT and I never meant to say it was.

What makes me feel bad about it that out there are people who make people like you, beautiful, wonderful people, feel ugly. Because you’re not. Not even a little bit.

And still someone, at some point, complained about you so much that you have to feel bad now. And that’s not fair.

  1. fendoffthedemons said: Not necessarily. Some people are just insecure about their bodies without other people telling them to be. I’m willing to bet a lot of people hate their bodies or think they’re fat even if no one ever said those words.
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I want to keep you safe
even if I'm not always here...
So I braided a mace into your hair!